Connect with Dennis Smith – Copywriter, Writer, Editor, Content Manager, Marketer

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Dennis Smith is a passionate marketer and copywriter for small businesses and startups. Smith, an oGoing member, is an American Expat who is helping clients online from Panama.

Dennis Smith‘s insight:

I love being an Expat!

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6 thoughts on “Connect with Dennis Smith – Copywriter, Writer, Editor, Content Manager, Marketer

  1. Dennis Smith is one of the best content creators on the market. I have wasted so much time and money on odesk, elance, etc, to finally find Dennis. Great work, and well respected. Wont let you down.

  2. Hi Dennis!

    My wife and I are thinking of retiring to either Panama or Ecuador, possibly as soon as late 2015.. We want to take a trip down this summer and spend about 10 days in each country. So far we haven’t found any travel companies who want to book anything less than tours. We’re wondering about your thoughts on whether we book our own airfare and hotel stays at different places we target to visit, or can someone help? We’ve heard that many expats may be willing to rent rooms to Americans visiting, do you know who could put us into contact?

    Currently I’m working on a list of places to visit in both Panama and Ecuador, and the plan is to stay one or two nights in each. Lucy and I both slightly prefer more mountainous areas, although we’re certainly not excluding the possibility of living in a more quiet coastal area near either side of Panama.

    Also, we’re wondering if we should rent a car to travel, and is it difficult to fly between Panama and Ecuador? Note it appears cheaper to book a round trip into one country and fly back from the same destination, but that may require two flights from one country to the other, and then back. Any wisdom is appreciated!

    Also, final thought, I’m a bluegrass musician, is there any bluegrass or traditional country music in either country?

    I do realize that you’re probably more into business ventures, it is possible I suppose that I might consult in one way or the other. I’ve worked in various managerial capacities in the federal government in DC for about 20 years. At any rate, any info you might have is appreciated as I realize the types of questions I’ve asked are probably not your primary interest. But if you can help us I’ll certainly remember and direct anyone to you that I could for possible business ventures! thanks! James and Lucy

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