Entrepreneur Or Startup – Inside Tips From Winners


Are you on the road to success?

Are you in the entrepreneur and or startup mode?

There is plenty of advice on every aspect of setting up your new business. Maybe too much? Anyway, since I am in the business of startup business, a lot of my time goes to research to stay in the know.

Recently I came across a free ebook called Get More Clarity by Dan Martell, CEO of Clarity. The book lists one-off quotes in categories like Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Venture Capital, etc. It is a quick read but the opinions given can keep you pondering for, well, ever. Here are some I thought most apropos (based on my ups and downs, ins and outs with my SB clients). Have fun…

  • “Whether or not you succeed is a decision, not a circumstance.” – Paul DeJoe
  • “When choosing a startup idea, the ones that scare the crap out of you in their magnitude are the ones you want to take note of.” – Andrew Cross
  • “You need to love what you do, but make sure your whole team does as well.” – Matthew Gardner
  • “Business goes where it is wanted. Business stays where it is appreciated. Business flourishes where it is nurtured.” –  Howard H. Thaw
  • “Raising money is not just about finding enough money to execute your immediate plan. It is more about targeting the right investors. Entrepreneurs need to think beyond the current round of funding, and look at their road map well into the future. Good investors are those who can bring more than just money, such as domain expertise, experience, connections, and support. Do your homework and find a strong lead investor who can bring you closer to an exit.” –  Giang Biscan
  • “People think being CEO is all bright lights and glamour. They don’t realize that being CEO is working 14 hours a day, every day for three years; waking up at 2 a.m. with your heart pounding, wondering how you are going to make payroll; getting yelled at by your Board for not bringing in that next round fast enough, but still convincing your team that the Board is 100% behind the company; slogging through yet another investor pitch or sales call when you can see on their face that they just don’t get it…yet you keep going. That’s why you are the CEO – not for the bright lights and glamour, but because you hate to lose.” – Lyssa Neel
  • “Don’t get caught up in the hype; build a sustainable business, not a startup, that can survive fickle customers, media bias, bubbles, and recessions. At that point you have succeeded.” – Zach Jex

And now for 2 of my personal favorites…

  • “Know what you get yourself into. Don’t be naive. Go learn something. Soak in your failures. Test often. Iterate all the time. Dream about it. Iterate some more. Convince them to give you funding. Freak out because you got funding. Iterate some more. Stay hungry even if it’s tempting not to. Stay in the ‘let’s build this startup’ frame of mind. You’re just getting started. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. Not even for entrepreneurs.” – Eyal Toledano (“Bet you money you had to look up ‘iterate’!” – me)
  • “You can’t fly with the eagles if you’re hanging out with turkeys.” – Sally Ng

I want to thank Dan and all of those quoted for making us better businesspersons. Is it 2 a.m. yet?…

Photo courtesy of under30ceo.


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