Wake Up And Save Your Name?

internet, identity theft, irs, wsj, security

Keep Your Identity Safe.

I have been researching identity theft, which is the #1 online problem internationally. Since I conduct most of my business affairs online, I have made it a point to protect myself. In my research, I have learned that someone’s identity is stolen every 30 seconds or so. CNN, WSJ, LA Times and even the IRS have issued alerts. The hackers can get your passwords, bank, credit card and personal info while you innocently type away on your computer. (I found a keylogger hack software available for $40 on the Net. Scared me to death!)

Most everyone only reacts when it’s too late and they have lost everything. I went the opposite way and chose preemptive action. On the advice of an Internet security expert friend (he liked it so much, he paid my bill), I bought into Cyber Wealth 7. So far it’s working for me. No one has accessed my offshore bank activity, etc…

And yes I became a Cyber Wealth 7 representative. So what? I look at the step as helping potential victims avoid problems. If you go to the site you can simply protect your name with the software or join the system to make something on the side.

Remember preemptive? Use it or lose it. Things happen fast on the Net. Keep yourself protected or don’t. I am. The rest is up to you?

Good luck and protect yourself…



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