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 Panama City, Panama
Come play in the Miami of Panama

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It’s time you join the fun!


This is the first Panama City guide book focusing on how to have fun in Panama City. I’ve tried to give you the reality of the good and bad you may find – from the perspective of an Expat who has been here a long time. At the same time, you should find this guide easy to use and maybe even a little bit humorous.

You can buy your Amazon-Kindle or paper back copy here.

Tell you friends to buy too. (Remember I do have a Panamanian wife, daughter and grandma to support…)





What’s in the book.

Section 1 – Before You Read On…
Why Take My Word?
What Makes Panama Such a Popular Destination?
Panama City – You Just Have to Love It?

Section II – The Interesting & Fun Areas of Panama City
The Panama Canal – Have You Heard About It?
Casco Viejo – See Where Old Meets New?
Amador Causeway – What to do First?
The Old City – Are the Pirates Gone?
Cinta Costera – Do the Coastal Strip Anyone?
Parks – Peace in the Big City?
Taboga – Stop & Smell the Flowers?
Chagres River – Meet & Greet the Indians?

Section III – Entertainment
Important Notice – To Puff or Not to Puff?
Fiestas & Holidays – Can You Keep Up?
Gambling – How Best to Make a Million?
Food & Drink – Ready to Get Surprised?
Clubs, Music, Movies – What to do first?
Shopping – Why is Panama Famous?
Celebrities – Is That Really…?

Section IV – Day to Day
Paying Your Way – How do You do it?
Places to Stay – Are You Really in Panama?
You’re in Panama – Now How Hard Was That?
From A to B – How do You Get Around?
Personal Issues – Staying Healthy & Safe

Section V – Thanks for Reading
Your Trip is Over – What Now?

You can buy your Amazon-Kindle or paper back copy here.

Give the book a try and I hope it brings you to to Panama. Thanks again – Dennis.

Any feedback is very welcome.


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