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Targeted Content – What Does That Mean?

How do you reach the right reader?

How do you reach the right reader?

In terms of content writing for business, the days  of telling how great you are (and using useless  adjectives) are over. Today you have to effectively  explain to someone how you can help them – in  under a minute or so. Social Media and the  Internet have seen to that. The new expression  forums also make it very risky – and nearly  impossible to lie!

 To see what I mean in terms of your content, I have created a PDF document that shows real examples several types of writing – copywriting, travel & tourism, website, expat life, news, legal and more.

Real people paid me real money to write these pieces. So far, no complaints. Maybe these examples can help you plan how to meet your needs? There is only one way to find out…


Dennis is an amazing “serial entrepreneur”, networker, communicator, adviser and coach. His drive and passion to enable small business have become a catalyst for local economic development across the region(s) he serves, currently in Panama. Dennis does not talk a good game, but is “walking the walk” in everything he does. His energy level and optimism is infectious and I look forward to the next opportunity to work with him again.” – Mark E. Lacasse, King’s Council.

“Dennis is and will always be a writer. His past, present and future is deeply embedded in the art of writing. He has had experience in just about every form of writing from editing, copywriting, screenplays, education manuals and for multimedia. He is as passionate about his craft as anyone one person could be. With his passion, dedication to detail, his project management skills makes Dennis a commodity in his field.” – Paul Wylie, PTWYLIE.com.

Dennis is completing for us a new business plan involving a completely new business endeavor of a large land holding Foundation. Though complicated, Dennis is reducing the concept into an understandable business plan in plain English. This valuable contribution to the project, and most important to us, an accurate picture of a high profit potential effort, is what Dennis has best communicated.” – Grayson Banner, Banner Real Estate Panama.

“I have been in business at 300watches.com for 10 years. I decided to take my company to the next level and hired Dennis to develop and manage my business development, blog, marketing and more. He continues to be a valuable asset. Thanks Dennis!” – Ilya Kushnirsky, Owner & President.

Dennis was called upon to “fix” our Internet strategy by providing more relevant and better written content for our Search Engine Optimization effort. Not only Dennis is an excellent writer, but he can also write sales copy that gets sales! This is a crucial skill for Affiliate/Internet Marketers and Network Marketing companies who provide lead capture pages templates to their members. I have worked with Dennis both remotely and face to face, and he has always been very pleasant to work with. I recommend him and I also plan to work with him again in the future.” – Chris Martin, MLM and Internet marketing specialist.

dennis.dean.smith @ gmail.com

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